Can you use Post by Phone to add audio to existing posts?

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    Post by Phone is great! (Especially for those techno lunkheads among us who might not want to attempt to do any fiddling to record and upload audio from our computers…)

    One question – re using Post by Phone to add to an existing post (ie. an audio of you reading the post).

    The audio posts post freestanding, and you just have to go to Edit, and copy & paste the code string to embed them in another post, and delete the audio’s post – easy enough!

    But… Will subscribers to your blog get emails for the audio posts as well? are they listenable off their email? I ask, because if you use this post, embed & delete method to add the audio to an existing post, wondering if your subscribers get ALL the audio posts, as additional email notices?

    Lawrence Congdon –



    I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer to that.
    Reference >
    For the iphone wordpress app, you need to inquire over at
    To contact Staff here’s the link

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