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Can You View then Comment My Blog???

  1. I really need feedback on
    it's fairly new, but still has tons of content to comment on. I just need creative criticism [and maybe a few readers] from people that are actully bloggers and not just my school chums and family.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. pornstarbabylon

    Usually it's not good blog etiquette to have a month's worth of posts on the main page. But you don't have many pictures and videos to suck the bandwidth making it unbearable to load the page. But many people probably would not like to have to keep on scrolling down the page.

    If you do in the future post lots of pictures and videos, maybe limit the posts per page to 5. And images should not be larger than 400 - 500 pixels wide or else your sidebar will drop to the bottom of the page.

    To get more traffic, you can make categories for each post so they go to the WordPress global tag page where more people will see your blog. No more than 12 categories or else you'll be kicked off thinking you're spam.

  3. The best way to get comments is to post comments yourself on other people's blogs.

  4. sure, I'll comment. :)
    But raincoaster is right, a brilliant way of getting traffic is by genuinely commenting other blogs, as they 8/10 times will comment you. Other ways of getting your blog out there in the open include: joining external communities like, publishing your website address on your social networking sites and including a link to your site in any forum/email signatures

    hope this helps :)

  5. Yeah, what nicstarr said... and dang, 8/10? I'll leave a bunch of comments and I think I'm currently rocking 2/15 to be completely honest... And I don't even leave those half-assed ones either, I really have a tendency to click the wrong blogs! haha
    And, amblount, you'll want to enable it so that your name links back to your blog... to be honest I can't remember how to do so, but if you google it, it'll work out!

  6. I wrote a brief blog on how to sustain/gain readership if you're interested :)


  7. pornstarbabylon

    Well I went back to her blog since sh didn't reply back and the first post has a wallpaper image the size of 1024px × 768px. :O Of course it gets cut off and her readers might not know that is indeed a wallpaper but looks like giant blog textext. Still has a month's worth of posts on the main page too. :-)

  8. Mmm, I wwas wondering. I know I don't have a lot on my blog yet since it's really new but perhaps someone could have a look at it and tell me their first impressions about it? You know, what's good and what's a big no.

    This way I'll know what to keep on eye on^^

  9. Can anyone explain to me how the “WordPress Dashboard” is referring so many people to my blog? It has provided me with over 20 views today.

  10. I believe that means you commented someone's blog, they saw it, and clicked the link to your blog from their comment moderation board

  11. ok cool, it's braught me 31 veiws so far today

  12. 33

  13. pornstarbabylon

    Commenting on the forum here might help too. ^^

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