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    I want to cancel my redirect from my blog to my new custom domain. I did it through for a $12 annual charge. how do I do this?



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    Hi there,

    Refer to this article for instructions on how to do what you’re asking:



    There is a 30-day refund on all of our upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers. You can request a refund yourself directly from the Store section of your Dashboard.

    You may completely cancel a domain name purchased through if you notify us within two days of purchase. After cancellation, there is no guarantee that the domain will become available to register somewhere else. To cancel a domain you registered with, contact us.


    Thank you all for your replies. I’m wondering if this is the best solution to my problem. If you can help further after I explain this, I would really appreciate it:

    I’ll try to explain this the best I can.

    I have a blog on the domain . I recently purchased the domain, so I can download the software and self host it, to take advantage of the wordpress plugins available. Since I have about 6 months of age on the domain, I did a redirect through to redirect the old blog url to the new domain. The redirect should transfer some juice to the new domain so it would rank quicker in search.

    Now, I’m trying to install the wordpress software (using filezilla). After I transferred all of the wordpress files and go to the new domain where I should get an installation screen, it is still reflecting the old blog, I think because I redirected it. Now I’m actually stuck on a host gator screen. Since I redirected it, is it not allowing me to finish the installation? Do I need to cancel the redirect, finish the installation on the new domain, and then do the redirect? I do NOT want to redirect the old blog content, just the old domain… so when people go to the old domain they can get to the new domain/blog.


    Member sends me to your Godaddy site – the recommended way is to get the new site up and running then do the redirect so your visitors will end up on a good site – I don’t think the redirect should be messing up your install – you might be having some local caching issues with your ISP and the routers you visit the site through it can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to migrate to the far corners of the internet.

    If you have questions about the .ORG install ask at:


    All fixed. Used the hostgator quickinstall tool for wordpress in the cpanel… literally works in 20 seconds, and then I just imported my content from an xml file :)

    Thanks for your help everyone!



    You’re welcome from me and best wishes with your new install. :)



    You be welcome & good luck

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