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  1. How do I cancel my account to start anew?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't cancel an account. You can delete a blog, etc, but not an account. Just register with a different email and the account will be totally separate.

  3. Can't even delete it if you're never going to use it anymore... ever?

  4. its the same same as never logging in. The point is to make sure no other guy registers with the same account name, you are willing to cancel.

  5. @engalentill
    Accounts are not deleted and that's a good thing for two reasons:
    1. You need either account or OpenID in order to post comments on blogs;
    2. If you wish to use Akismet and/or the wordpress stats plogin on a wordpress.ORG blog then you need a account to get your API keys.

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