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  1. How do I cancel a blog (if needed)?


    Also note that any blog content you create is yours and you can export it prior to deletion.

  3. How do you cancel a blog? Please reposnd to [email removed]

  4. From the FAQs

    P.S. Posting your email address on this forum in the form you used means that spam bots will crawl all over it. :(

  5. I actually haven't asked this before, how about deleting one of your blogs and keep the ones you are currently using? Does deleting one wouldn't affect any of the other blogs?

  6. Deleting one blog will not affect the other blogs. But deleting isn't really the way to go. There is no rule that blogs must be active and blog names are not recycled.

  7. nothingbuteverything

    I canceled my blog, can i still get it back...?

  8. No. In accordance with the warnings you got when you deleted the blog, you can NEVER get it back.

    If you want a blog, you have to start from scratch.

  9. I made one blog, and then made a second. I use the second much more. Can I make it where the second blog is my "primary" blog?? So that it is the one I "log-in" with?

  10. Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> There's a drop down menu listing your blogs. Just pick the main one as your primary.

  11. Thanks!!!

  12. Actually, I just tried that, and it didn't do what I was thinking. I want to log in (and have my "name" be the second blog, not the first, but it says that I can not change that. Do I have to delete the first blog to have the second blog as my sign-in, and my "comment" or ID name? And if so, how do I delete the first blog without affecting the second blog. Thank you :)

  13. I think you're getting confused between Identities and Blogs. Your username is followourflip; you can change which blog people go to when they click on that name. If you want a different name, you have to register a different ID and make that ID the admin of the second blog.

    Don't delete ANYTHING until you have it working the way you want.

  14. Ok, so my other blog,, I can create an ID for that now, after I have made the blog? And then have two seperate things? That would work, if I can figure out how to make it seperate now, instead of combined.

    Here is what I want (and thank you so much for the help) I want to be able to post comments as the MakeMineGlutenFree and my name be that, or something else, but NOT followourflip. I don't mind deleting the followourflip blog, I don't really use it, but I don't want to lose the MMGF blog in the process.

    So, how can I register a new ID, get rid of the FOF blog, and keep the MMGF blog? (and THANK YOU again for the help!!!)

  15. Ok, so I just made "this" name for the MakeMineGlutenFree blog, how do I make this one the "admin" and delete the FOF blog without affecting the MMGF blog? Thanks!

  16. You take your first ID and you have it make the second ID the admin. Then you have that second ID delete the first ID as admin of that blog. So that leaves you with two separate IDs and each runs one separate blog.

    Don't delete a blog at all unless you really really don't want it anymore ever. Because you can never reuse the URL or name. I'd just leave things.

  17. Thanks so much! You rock! Much props to you....

  18. You're welcome!

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