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Cancel domain map upgrade

  1. I want to return to my own domain hosting for my website and leave the blog to hosting. I've changed my nameservers (on the domain back to the host I want to use, but it still redirects to the wordpress blog. How do I cancel the upgrade? Will I be able to continue using the gmail or will all of that cease to function on the cancellation as well?
    Blog url:

  2. It looks like you have your own hosting and domain registration for

    Are you wanting to now point that domain to your site? If so, you will need to purchase domain mapping (which you currently do not have) and map that domain to

    Instead, if you'd like to forward your visitors to (hosted elsewhere), you can purchase the Site Redirect option:

  3. No, that's not it. Now I want it to be back to the original state as a addy and let me have my domain back. The problem I'm having is getting the two to separate. Thanks for your help.

  4. Your blog and your domain are pointing to two different sites now. If I go to I see your site hosted with us, and when I go to it points elsewhere.

    It's possible that either your browser is displaying a cached version of your blog or that your ISP is not displaying the updated DNS information. Try clearing your browser cache first, and if that doesn't work, give it a day or so for everything to update.

  5. Oh good! It must have just taken time to take effect. I'd changed the DNS the other day, I'll go check now. Thanks!

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