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    I no longer wish my wordpress to be associated with my main domain, so how can i cancel the mapping.

    I don’t have the cancel option in the Subscription status in my upgrades, so please advise how to cancel this so it goes back to needing

    Thank you,

    Kerrie Wearing

    The blog I need help with is



    You can cancel your domain mapping at Store -> Domains in your blog’s dashboard.


    I’ve already followed the instructions for where to go to do that, and I don’t see the cancel option there, as i specified in my original post.

    Can you perhaps show me a screen shot, or can WordPress staff help out please to cancel the domain mapping.

    Thanks, K



    Hi Kerrie,

    If I understand your request correctly, you bought your domain name on but now want it to point elsewhere?

    If so, try the instructions on this page:

    If you bought your domain name elsewhere, simply go to your registrar’s website, log in to your account, and update the nameserver to point the whichever new server you’d like. You’ll find some instructions for various providers in regards to changing nameservers:



    Please help! I had a WordPress account associated with my school system. Our system crashed and everything was lost. I can no longer access my account. I can’t even remember my user name and password for the account because I just had it saved on my computer at school. I had a TON of information that I worked on for many hours. I would really love to be able to get back to that page. Again, please help!



    Hi rgrahamal,

    Please try to start a new forum post for this issue, in order to keep one forum post per user issue. This will also improve your chances of getting an answer.

    Do you have access to your e-mail address? If not, start a new topic please in hopes that the WordPress staff can give you a hand..



    Hi aiancu0108,

    I did buy my domain name elsewhere and have updated the nameservers etc with them and that’s fine now.

    Though in regards to my wordpress blog, when i type in the orginal address of I can see its still looking for the domain name and eventually comes up domain not found.

    I think some mapping needs to cancelled with wordpress as well???? how do i get that looked up.

    Thanks for your help.

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