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Cancel domain mapping

  1. I would like to cancel the domain mapping for my blog. I need that domain for another site, but there is no cancel or remove button from the dashboard. Please assist as soon as possible.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. While there is no link allowing you to cancel a domain mapping upgrade in your dashboard, we can cancel it for you.
    I have consequently contacted you via email to confirm the domain mapping cancellation.

  3. hello, i want cancel the domain,
    it's an error.
    please help me.

  4. I too made a mistake! I need to cancel my domain mapping. I read it wrong and thought it went the opposite way. I wanted my old site to redirect to my new wordpress site. But instead, my new wordpress site is being redirected to my old out-of-date site. Help!

  5. Please cancel domain mapping for I just did this today and realized my error immediately. But there was nowhere to cancel. How frustrating. There is no cancel button that has been referred to in other posts. Please help. It's rather urgent. Thank you!

  6. If you wish to cancel your domain mapping upgrade, please contact us via email using the contact form available here:

    We will be happy to help you out!

  7. Hi there. I did submit a help request yesterday morning using the correct form. Can you tell me how long it will take to have the situation resolved please? We're right in the middle of receiving offers of support for Rwandan orphans, so the timing of my mistake was truly terrible. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  8. I think its an error, a bug, that one cannot cancel the Domain Mapping themselfs. It also takes time, and in my case even downtime.

  9. I have replied to both of you via email.

    Since you registered your domain with an external domain registrar, you can always point your domain to another hosting provider by logging in to your domain manager on your registrar's website, and updating name servers to point to a different host.

  10. Hmm, but when I go to it redirects to, which is already since 24 hrs or so pointing to my own server and blog.. So basically i cannot reach anymore (except for the dashboard).

  11. @abortx Your custom domain seems to be working properly now, and points to your self-hosted WordPress site at Gandi. Your blog is also accessible, using your blog address.

    If you cannot see the changes yet, I can only suggest that you wait a bit longer for the new DNS information to propagate to your ISP.

  12. auwch, uhm, important is also to delete Firefox cache.. that did it in the end..
    Firefox was chaching on, sorry Jeherve for pushing..

  13. Firefox: redirecting stopped by cleaning cache but I did not see my blog anymore. I had to also delete the browsing history to be ably to actually show the website. Just info for Firefox people stumbling on this issue..

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