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    I bought a domain realising too late that I’m completely freaked out by having all my info out there on arin-whois. I searched the forums here and the FAQs there about how to cancel and they said there should be a little button that says cancel in my account management, but alas, there is no such thing. Can anyone help me cancel this puppy? I really relish my privacy more than having a catchy uri.



    Things to do with domains like this need staff attention. Send an email to



    Is there a way to change the info at whois?



    After 60 days you can transfer the existing registry for a domain to another anonymous type domain registry company so your personal identity is not known. You become a member and have a confidential account. Then when a who-is search is done the company name of the domain registry shows and not yours.


    Thanks, message sent
    man I feel like a doofus extraordinaire!



    No problem. You can get it switched back and then take note of what I said above. You can still own the domain without your identity appearing in who-is, if you find the correct registry to do that through. Many people do this.



    Actually you should be able to edit the whois infor from day one. Just log into teh account as per the insructions on the upgrtades -> domain page.



    Dr. Mike, can you elaborate? How can a person buy a domain name through wordpres without having the person’s home address and phone number appear on whois or some other public registry?
    The purchase of the domain name is done through PayPal via a credit card, so the credit card transaction would show the user’s home address and phone number — how do we prevent that from getting onto a public registry?


    It’s easier to purchase the domain through a third party such as GoDaddy. I use their anonymous registration (it costs extra) for my domains. It hides everything.


    Here’s another suggestion for you

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