Cancel Import. I asked two times. Kept being ignored. Why?

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    Hi. I just want to cancel my to import. It’s been stuck at “Processing…” for more than 3 days. Please please please just cancel it for me.

    I’ve posted about this twice in this forum (one after 12 hours of being stuck, and one after 3 days of being stuck) and watched while all the issues posted before and after me were addressed, but I don’t even get a “This is a tough problem so please wait X days for a solution.”

    Or can somebody just say “It’s impossible to cancel it.” Just tell me something, please.

    I also found another post from another blogger dated December 2012, same issue, and she was never replied to. Wow.

    Is the only way for me to do this just open a new blog and try importing THERE, and totally abandon the one I’m trying to import to right now? Please just let me know so I can stop waiting and stop asking for assistance. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    I already flagged one of your earlier threads for staff attention. Wait for staff attention. Continuously posting new threads on the same issue that they obviously haven’t gotten around to is unproductive.



    Thank you for responding. I hope you understand how frustrating it is when you find a December 2012 thread about the same issue that didn’t get any responses. The girl’s been waiting for half a year; I suppose she gave up eventually. I wondered how long I would have had to wait myself. Please believe that I took as much restraint as I could muster just to wait three days to post again.

    Thank you again for responding.



    I’ve been here seven years and I’ve been answering this question all that time. You cannot imagine how many times I’ve seen it.

    In most cases when people don’t post again it’s because the problem has been resolved, actually.



    OK. It just really helps when someone says “Got it, we’re on it. Just stand by.” Just one line like that makes a world of difference to the waiting.

    Thanks again and you can be sure I won’t be pestering the forum about this issue since I have received a response now.



    I have responded to your first inquiry here:

    Please direct any responses to that thread. Thank you.

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