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cancel my accout

  1. have had account for less then 2 day. Want to transfer to new host. Want refund.
    Blog url:

  2. I have canceled your domain and fully refunded your purchase as requested. Please note it may take up to a week for the refund to appear on your statement.

    The domain itself will get sent back to the registrar. The registrar will decide when to release it back to the open market, which is not guaranteed but which usually happens within a few days.

  3. When will you send me my Authorization Code? Please send me my Authorization code. Please forgive me for being a pest, but I am excited about the new website. And I need the Code. Please send me the code. I can't open my account on on the new site until I give them the Authorization Code. Will you email it to me?

  4. You requested the cancellation and refund of your domain, and once a domain is canceled, it becomes the property of our registrar partner.

    Would you like me to see if we can get it back? I'll need to charge you the $26 again if so.

    The other option would be to wait for the domain to be returned to the public market, which is done at our registrar partner's discretion.

  5. No, I just asked for the authorization code so I can use it on Fat Cow. I want to use it on a new site. How and when do I get the authorization code?

  6. You mentioned, "Want refund," so Karim canceled and refunded the domain for you.

    Once a refund is issued, you no longer own the domain, and you cannot transfer a domain that you do not own, so you have one of two options:

    1. In order to get the authorization code, I will need to attempt to recover the domain, but as we refunded you, I'll need charge you for the $26 again.

    2. Wait for the domain to return to the public market so you can re-purchase it from the desired registrar.

  7. No, I own the website. Then paid another host. Don't bother, I will not ask you for help anymore. Please accept my apology.


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