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CANCEL MY DOMAIN! I can't find where to do this...

  1. Please cancel my account and all my upgrades. I can't edit as much as I would like to. I do not want to be charged.

    Thank You,
    Larry Houle
    Houle Design

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Larry. Here are the instructions to cancel a domain name purchase. Have you tried following them?

  3. I have followed these links and been on a loop for 1 hour trying to cancel this... Getting really frustrated.

    ATTENTION HAPPINESS ENGINEERS - Please help me with this!

  4. Hi. I am also attempting to cancel my domain - I follow the instructions and get to a support seach page which goes no further.

  5. Please contact us directly via to request the cancelation of your domain.

  6. Not to be rude but I have gone to your support page 5 times now and keep going in circles. Please provide me with a step by step walk-through if you can't cancel this for me. These seems like a ruse to get people to sight up and then not be able to cancel...

  7. Go to the link that @macmanx has given you - type in "cancel domain" in the search box - when the results come back - page down and click on the "no this did not help" radio button and then fill in the contact info boxes that will appear.

    WordPress.COM requires a personal contact from you to make sure that you are you on domain cancellations, the stakes for canceling a domain based on a request in the forum are way to high for any errors.

  8. I can see why people are getting frustrated.

    They go to the support page and instead of a contact form all they have is a search box. So they search on cancelling a domain. Up comes the page on cancelling a domain, so they click on it, read the instructions, and go where it sends them... back to the 'contact' page with the search box. The support documentation on cancelling a domain basically needs to be revised to point to an actual contact form.

  9. @lhoule44
    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. That support box is still under construction as you have noted. Thanks for your patience.

  10. lhoule44, sorry for the confusion!

    Once you search, just scroll to the bottom and hit the radio button which says, "No I didn't find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help."

    Make sure that you reference this support forum topic in your request.

    We're currently working on a way to make this more intuitive.

  11. lhhoule--I actually think your site looks good.
    Why cancel it? You can just wait and think about it. I think you should at least try writing. I only see the automatic "Hello world" up. I think your site would look a lot better if you actually had some content.

  12. We are super frustrated too. We have been trying to get it cancelled so we can be refunded and now our time is up! Hope they can make some exceptions!

  13. @benspt
    I'm sorry you have been inconvenienced by the changeover. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  14. We're getting to it, but the more time we spend being flagged in these forum topics, the less time we spend actually issues refunds.

  15. Thanks.

  16. @macmanx
    Shall I stop the flagging, knowing you will pick these up?

  17. @timethief, yeah. There's generally no need to further modlook a topic that we're already involved in.

  18. Understood and hang in there. You support Staff rock! :)

  19. Hope everything gets worked out.

  20. @jessiethought
    It will be worked out by Staff but it would be really great if we avoid posting into threads when like this one that Staff are working on and watching. Every time we do they are notified and we take them away from their work. That's not a good thing to do given that we cannot provide solutions. Perhaps you could simply comment on the blog instead of commenting into these threads. Will you consider doing that please?

  21. @nickeveringham, you're all taken care of now.

    @lhoule44 and @benspt, I sent out a reply to every cancelation and refund request that I could find, but don't recall actually seeing anything from you two. If you didn't receive anything from us, would you please give me a hint as to the subject title of your support request?

  22. @macmanx, we tried to send in a request and it wouldn't let us. It just kept sending us to that support box site.

  23. Is there somewhere else I can send in a request that is working? I keep going in circles here.

  24. Ah, ok. What you need to do is visit and search for anything, like “cancel domain” or “pizza,” and at the bottom there will be a section that says “Have you found the answer to your question?”

    You can hoose either “Yes I found the answer to my question.” or “No I didn’t find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help.”

    The "no" option will reveal the contact form.

  25. @macmanx

    Here is my support ticket info;

    Date/time I got the confirmation email: June 27 8:01:34 PM

    Thank you for your support request:

    Please cancel my domain. I do not wish to use your services. Quite frankly, I have just spent 5 hours or so trying to locate this form with much frustration.

    Please promptly cancel ALL of my contracts with you at no charge as I am inside the 2 day window.

    Thank you.
    Blog url:

    Your public message has been posted to the forums so you and other users can see it here:
    We have automatically subscribed you to email updates on the forum thread. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

    Thank You!

  26. @macmanx Oh, yeah, I did that. But I will do it again. Thanks.

  27. @macmanx they had the form up today! I just filled it out and sent it. Thanks.

  28. @benspt, you're all set now! :)

  29. Great! Thanks!

  30. You're welcome!

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