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    I am wanting to cancel my domain name: booksintheburbs. I know I have 48 hours to delete my domain before I am charged for it, however because your office is closed until the 3rd of January, I have no way of doing this. I am wanting to know if through this forum, I can have it shown that I did request to delete my domain within the 48 hours. Is there anything I can do within the 48 hours to do this? I am purchasing another domain and would like to use the new one instead. Since my blog is new, deleting the first domain won’t be an issue. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Also, I just purchased the domain I do want, however I am unable to open it for some reason. Because I purchased it while still having my original domain, it seems that they are both connected. However I only want to the 2nd domain I purchased (the last one-bookurbia). Can you please advise me? I do hope to get some assistance before the new year. I suppose I purchased these domains a bit late in the year or not early enough…whichever way you look at it.



    Well, over Christmas AND a weekend is a bad time to do this. If you sent in your request within the 48 hours, it’ll be noted and acted upon once staff is back at work, but until that time, it’ll probably be in limbo.

    DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING until you have specific instructions from staff.


    I have decided to keep my original book blog: booksintheburbs.

    BUT, I would like to cancel the recent domain I just purchased last night: bookurbia.

    Soooo sorry!!! I didn’t realize I would be deleting domains and do appreciate your assistance on deleting my 2nd domain that I just added last night. Thank-you for helping me on Christmas and for getting back with me when your office staff returns. Again, I will be keeping: booksintheburbs, BUT would like to delete: bookurbia.

    Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!



    We are Volunteers who answer forum questions. We cannot help you with this domain issue and as you have contacted Staff you must be patient until they get to you.


    I’ve tagged this thread for staff attention. Hopefully they will see it and respond here and take care of this for you. It might be a little while till they wander through, but if you requested the deletion within the specified time frame, then all is good.



    I am wanting to cancel my domain name: alvarorama. I have 48 hours to delete it but the service is unavalaible until 3rd Januray. I want to change it for nochallengeremaining. My blog is newborn so I suppose won’t be any problem to fix it.



    @alvarorama – even with the staff out – you still need to officially ask for the refund and cancellation to preserve your 48 hour refund window – i.e. please send your request to the staff – they should consider the time date stamp on your request even if they are a bit late getting back to you.



    Hi booksintheburbs and alvarorama,

    I have canceled and refunded your domains as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    I am having the same issue and want to cancel and be refunded for my domain. please !!!!

    my domain:

    thank you!!



    I have flagged this thread for you so it gets Staff attention.



    Weekend or holidays is not the point. People get excited to spend time off getting things set up and then in the process make mistakes…like me.

    I also would like to delete a just purchased domain:

    Apparently Nick wants to go by Nicholas and so I purchased the correct one, but need the other deleted. I will also be putting in an official request.



    By the way, is there a way to notify WordPress in order to cancel a domain? The support page is closed until Jan 3rd.



    Hi passportglamour and nrgoebel,

    I have canceled and refunded your domains as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!



    I think that Staff have been more than accommodating in this regard.

    We want you to love everything you do at, so we provide a 30-day refund on all of our upgrades except Domain Registrations and Domain Renewals. You can request the refund yourself directly from your Dashboard.



    Thank you!

    I was not being critical of WordPress or the staff, but was thinking about raincoaster’s comment that now is a bad time to do this.

    All is well here…thanks ALL for your help in this matter.


    I accidentally created 4 new blogs when I only wanted one (I double-clicked the submit button). Is there a simple way to delete the unwanted blogs?




    You’re welcome!


    You can delete your excess blogs following this guide:


    I would also like to cancel the domain I just created: sanwichsunday

    I misspelled the domain and will be creating a new one with the correct spelling. Is there any other way to contact the staff other than this forum during the holidays?

    Thanks in advanced


    I, too, would also like to cancel a new domain that I just created today:

    I will also send a separate note to staff support.
    Thanks in advance.

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