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Cancel premium Upgrade, Move to

  1. Dear sir or madam,

    I am new here on I made an Account on 2 Weeks ago (24 March 2017). Today I've upgraded to a premium account. Now I've done some research and would like to firstly cancel my upgrade to premium and if I can, even cancel my purchase on This is because I'd like to move to What should I do? Today it's exactly 2 Weeks after buying my general domain/account so ain't I still in the notice period? What are my next steps? I hope you can help me!

    yours sincerely

    Sara-Jane L.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Sara-Jane
    Sorry to see you go, but you are moving into an exciting world! As far as cancelling your plan,
    Is an excellent guide with links on how to do the basic steps.

    I expect you are going to want to keep the domain. Since it was registered by WordPress less than 60 days ago, you cannot transfer the domain to your new hosting provider yet. But all is not lost! You can change the name servers to your new host. Once you have past the 60 day point you can begin the transfer process if you wish. We do not recommend letting the domain expire hoping to get it back.

    You are still within the refund period, so you will get much of your investment back. Domains are not part of the refund schema after 2 days.

    Hope i was able to help you get your questions answered

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