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Cancel Renewal

  1. I need to cancel renewal and avoid future charges. As it is, I have been charged with $20 from you and you don't have a phone no. I can contact you at. Please issue me a refund ASAP.


    Blog url:

  2. There is no phone support nor is it required. You can do this all by yourself without any Staff support. Store > Upgrades > Disable Auto Renew >

  3. provides a 30-day refund on all upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers. You can request a refund yourself directly from the Store > My Upgrades > Cancellation Information section of your Dashboard

    You can also consult > Store > Billing History

    If you still have issues then you can use this form (which works even when the main contact form is closed):

  4. Well, if I was able to do it, I would have. The option does not exist under the dashboard.

  5. Another thing is I have already transferred my domain to some other place. WordPress has no dealing with. Wonder why they still charged me for this. I don't want to deal with WordPress anymore.

  6. The option does not exist under the dashboard.

    The options do exist on the dashboard of blog for the logged in Admin who registered that blog and who purchased upgrades for the blog. Are you logged in as the Admin who registered the blog and who purchased the upgrade or not?

  7. The options do not of course exist on a self hosted install.

    What is the URL of the blog in question starting with http:// ?

  8. Yes, I'm logged in as the Admin.


  10. Is there no easy way for me just cancel auto-renewal, get rid of WordPress and not deal with anyone? Who does a business without a toll-free/customer support number? To me that's just sad.

  11. I don't see any upgrades on your account.

    If your blog has a paid upgrade, you'll need to be logged in as the user who owns the upgrade, then cancel the renewal from Store -> My Upgrades in the blog's Dashboard.

  12. I provided everything you need above to do this yourself.

  13. Macman, why in the first place was I charged the amount when I transferred my domain to another hosting service?

    Second, it was set to auto-renew, which is just weird in my opinion. I know of other hosting services that don't auto-renew, in fact there is a reminder 30 days in advance to 'renew' manually.

    You don't have a number where I can call and speak. Are you going to issue a refund?

    I'm trying to close

  14. I'm not sure why the domain was renewed after being transferred, we're looking into that.

    You has set auto-renew when you purchased the domain. You do have the option to not set auto-renew and to also disable it later. We also sent three emails prior to renewal, one a month before, the next a week before, and the final one two days before. These are sent to the email address on the account that purchased the upgrade.

    I have canceled and refunded the renewal as requested.

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