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cancel wordpress ID

  1. I had a blog (Atalove) i've now deleted, but when I go to comment on another wordpress blog it REQUIRES me to log in to WordPress, so it still "knows" i had a WP blog, so it's not completely deleted. This is driving me crazy. How do I completely erase myself from WP?! I no longer want to use WP. Thank you.

  2. You've deleted your wordpress blog not your account. You can never delete your account from

  3. Thank you. So does that mean that forever I will have to log into WP when I want to make a comment on WP blogs?! I can't believe you can't delete your account! And do you know why WP has started requiring that log-in to comment on a WP blog when it had never required it before? Thank you.

  4. Hi Atalove. It may be either WordPress or Gravatar recognizing you. Two ways are most common: cookies/LSOs, and e-mail address.

    Cookies and LSOs
    Clear your browser's cache, history, and cookies. That may do the trick. LSOs (Long-term Storage Objects), AKA "super cookies," are stored by web sites in your computer's Adobe Flash folder. Even when you delete cookies, LSOs remain behind. Some browsers have free plug-ins that will delete LSOs (such as Better Privacy for Firefox); try one of those.

    E-mail Address
    When you log onto a WordPress blog to leave a comment you normally have to enter your e-mail address. That address may be recognized, normally not by WordPress but by their vendor Gravatar. It's annoying to me too. To get around that just use an alternate e-mail address when leaving comments.

    The Gravatar site won't allow e-mail addresses to be deleted (hello marketing profiler), but what you could do is set up a second Gravatar with a different e-mail (just create a new bogus account) that's used only for blog commenting.

    Hope that helps!

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