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Canceling Domain Mapping???

  1. I'm trying to get WP2.1 set up and have everything downloaded and installed... almost. I need to cancel my domain forward from to in order to finish the install... only, I can't figure out how to do it... only to map TO Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I think this is something you need to be asking at

  3. It's through that I have my blog forwarded to my domain, so it's within this program that I need to back it out. If someone had previously forwarded their domain was canceling it to go back to, how would they do that?

  4. When you go to Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domains, there should be a button labeled "Manage your domain" Read what it say because you're going to need the information out of it. When you're read it, press the Manage button and it will lead you off site to where you can reassign the nameservers to the ones used at your new host.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Apparently that's my problem, the "manage your domain" button isn't there????

  6. Excuse me. It's a "Manage Your Domains" link now. Should be under the header "Domain Administration"

    If it's still not there, best bet would be to send in a feedback from the upper right of your dashboard.

  7. Hi,

    OK. I have screwed up. I was on the wrong blog's dashboard when I paid for and set up my domain forwarding.

    How can I change/edit this?

    I cannot find the "Domain Administration" option.


  8. Best bet would be via a feedback to staff. If you did it for the wrong blog, that's a backend issue that we can't resolve for you here in the forums.

  9. Hi thanks.

    The docs say the should be a "Manage Domains" button under Options -> Domains

    There isn't.

    Last Q:

  10. The manage Your Domain is there only if you have the domain mapping upgrade for that blog.

  11. It is not present on either of them.

    Also, now when I try to go to the dashboard of , it is taking me to my other dashboard?

    It has also taken on the template of when I had it set up as a different one at

    I need to reset these settings and spend the 10 credits I just bought on the right dashboard (which to be honest, I was sure I was on when I did it the first time!)


  12. This is bizarre...

    I cannot get in to manage the new WP blog I had set up to point my domain to. shows up as my older (personal) blog at

    Also, podcastdotcom does not appear on my dashboard dropdopwn, and also the edit links on the only post on podcastdotcom link to admin - and therefore the post it tries to edit is completely wrong!!

    Oh dear. I need to roll back to where I started this and try again.

    Still waiting for support/feedback response :(

  13. BTW : Is feedback support only on the West coast USA timezone?

    My new blog keeps appearing and disappearing from my dashboard dropdown.

    Template seems to be back. oddly.

    strange things afoot at the circle k

  14. Feedback / Support is from around 9am UTC to around midnight UTC
    (UTC being London UK as I'm just north of London)

  15. I have still not heard a peep back from support.

    Rather disappointed as I have actually spent money now.

    Also the 'Manage Domains' link simply does not exist. Anywhere that I can see.

    (I'm in London)

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