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Cancellation and refund

  1. Cancellation and refund.
    I am been charged for the amount of $99.99 which was not authorized by me.
    I wanted to cancel the full account with you and need a full refund on instant basis.
    Please do it as soon as possible.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL starting with http:// of the exact blog in question?
    Are you the only Admin on the blog in question?

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  4. The url is and yes the username is [email redacted].

    I am only the admin person.

  5. Have you gone to the UPgrades page and hit the button for a refund there?

  6. Provided you are logged in under the same username account that registered the blog and purchased the upgrades, you ought to be able to request a refund from your dashboard > Store > My Upgrades provides a 30-day refund on all upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers.
    Note: It takes from 1 - 2 weeks for the refund to be received.

  7. I agree to that however, I have tried going to dashboard > store > My upgrades but it is showing as " There are no subscription active at the moment" hence, couldn't do that.
    Please cancel this from your end and process the refund.

  8. You are not logged in as the account which purchased the upgrades, so log out and log in as that person.

  9. Please help me with the username so that I can search out the account.

  10. We cannot help you with that. We have no idea what the usernames with access to that blog are. Presumably they're on the dashboard Users page.

  11. I received an email on [email redacted] regarding renewal and the charge and this is the same username that I have tried to log in and the same url has come up.

    I dont recall any other account and if there please help me with the username so that I can get this cancelled.

  12. If that is the caee, please find the details and get this cancelled as it is clearly mentioned that either me or support team that is you can cancelled that.
    I am ready to provide the screen shot of the charge that have been added to my account.
    Also, if that is not the account then why I have received the email notification about renewal on [email redacted] and after using the same username the same url has been pulled up which is mentioned in the email.

  13. Hi there,

    The upgrade linked to the PayPal reference number you provided has already been fully refunded. (I removed the post with the reference number from the public forums here.) Please note it can sometimes take 1-2 weeks for refunds to appear on your credit card statement.

    If there's anything more I can do to help, please let me know.

  14. I'd like to cancel my word press account. I am due to pay an annual amount for domain mapping tomorrow. Please, cancel that.

  15. @givingvu
    You can cancel your upgrade by visiting Store ->My upgrades in the dashboard.

  16. @givingvu

    I see that your renewal payment was pending — I cancelled the pending payment from our end, so you won't be charged. Your domain mapping upgrade is set to expire on August 14, 2014. Please let me know if you'd like me to fully cancel that upgrade for you before the expiration date.

    If anyone else needs help with a refund, please contact us directly so we can help you with that. :)

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