Cancellation or refund of unduly renovated field. Urgent!!

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    By mistake (when paying by credit card, your website accused error and requested data again), I paid 3 times and was renovated in 2015.
    Can not do it. Ask me cancel or refund 2014 and 2015. Please renew the domain only until 09/2013.

    Amount to be repaid or canceled: U $ 52.00

    Value to be considered and fee: U $ 26.00

    Thank you.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry for the trouble!

    I have refunded the extra renewals.


    Thank you for the reply brief.



    You’re welcome!


    Request I cancel and request reimbursement from 8.00 Registration of Private, because I intend to transfer (my domain) to another hosting. WordPress rules require that I make the request for cancellation of Private Registration for transfering.

    Thank you. I hope your answer.

    Data purchase:

    09/10/2012 18:10 97T92057FB874450P



    I have canceled and refunded the private registration as requested.


    Thank you.

    How will the repayments? Through bank payment or cancellation of the purchase on a credit card? I request to answer me.

    Thank you.



    The refunds left our account today, and depending on your credit card provider, should appear on your statement within 10 days.

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