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Cancelled Domain Help

  1. I "cancelled" the domain name I bought today ""

    I wanted to use another "host" (godaddy) so I could use plugins, and other things wordpress.COM won't let me.

    I bought a host from godaddy, but it says my domain name is taken (by wordpress I guess), so how can I fix this problem?

    Do I wait until the cancellation is complete, so I can re-buy the domain name, or can I undo the cancellation and change the DNS to one for godaddy?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It can take up to 60+ days for a domain name to be released back into the wild - and there is no guarantee someone else will not buy the name - you could have just kept your domain name registered here and pointed the name servers to Godaddy

    I will flag this for staff attention - but you might be in for a long wait for the domain name

  3. Can I undo the cancellation?

  4. Can I undo the cancellation?

    Don't know - that is why I flagged this for the staff to see if they can help you

  5. The domain is still in your account and won't expire until 2013-08-16

    To point the domain you registered at to another server (hosting service), please follow the instructions here:

    Note you will need to obtain the name server values from your current host. You should be able to find them on their support documentation, or contact them and ask for the information. (Name servers may be referred as "nameservers" or "NS records" instead.)

    Hope this helps - let us know if you have any more questions!

  6. It does help! Thank you!!

    It still says cancellation pending?

    When will that be gone?

  7. Where do you see this exactly?

  8. They've cancelled it. Now I have to wait 60 days?

  9. I just want it to be hosted through godaddy so I can add plugins?

    I don't get what I'm supposed to do now?

  10. I recommend replying to the cancellation email. They may be able to recover it for you so you don't have to wait for the domain to be returned to the public market, which can actually take up to 90 days.

  11. I emailed them back and they haven't responded.

    When do you think I'll get a response?

  12. Here are the domain maps that I'd like for it to be pointed at! Is it possible to have that domain name (that I recently cancelled and would like to undo) onto so I could add plugins?


  13. When do you think I'll get a response?

    You should hear back by Monday at the latest.

    Here are the domain maps that I'd like for it to be pointed at

    Once you have the domain back, you can set the nameservers following this guide:

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