Cancelled my domain

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    I have cancelled my domain, Is there anyway I can access the information that was on my site? As I had alot of reviews backed up on there

    The blog I need help with is


    If you’ve deleted your domain already, and still thinks the domain is pointed to it, a staff member will have to edit the record of your site.

    (If you’re comfortable editing your hosts file, you could force your browser to associate your domain with the IP address, so you can change it yourself.)


    Member – no domain mapping for that – That WAS a WordPress.ORG install – so you are in the wrong forum and need to ask for help at WordPress.ORG – – but you have two choices for old data – MAYBE you old host has a backup they will sell you – or you might be able to find the old info from cached versions on search engines

    Did you have a base WordPress.COM blog? if so what is the URL of all of them –



    Thanks for your help, I have posted it on there now, I dont think i did have a blog did it all through and it used to just log me in automatically

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