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    I cancelled my pro wordpress upgrade because it did not allow me to install the theme I want to use. I was under the impression that you could do so with pro, but you can only edit the CSS.

    I signed up for a domain name that I would like to keep when I signed up for pro. I have contacted WordPress Support 3x in the last week about this issue, but they have not gotten back to me.

    How do I keep my domain name? I will gladly pay wordpress to do so.

    Thank you~

    The blog I need help with is


    It might not be possible to get the domain name back for a period of time, and that is dependent on the domain registrar’s policies (WordPress partners with a registrar). In some instances it can be up to 60 days before the name will be released to be purchased again. There is also the possibility that the name will be snatched up before you can get it at the end of that holding period.

    This thread has been tagged for staff attention, and hopefully they will respond soon.



    I contacted them before I cancelled pro but within the two day cancellation window. It was still up yesterday, and I was told that WP had to manually release it.

    That was why I emailed them before I cancelled to ask them not to do it.

    But of course I heard nothing back, such a bummer.



    Unfortunately, your domain was part of your Value Bundle and canceled along with it. There were several warnings about this during the cancelation process.

    You’ll need to wait for our registrar partner to release the domain for purchase again, which can take anywhere from 5 to 90 days. We have no control over this process.



    I did not receive any warning that the domain name would be released. Hence this post and the emails to support. as a host is really awful. I would never recommend them to anyone. I cannot believe there is no number for support when you pay $90 for a pro package, an no way to keep a domain name.



    I just spoke with someone who runs a hosting site. He said WordPress can call the registrar they partner with andask for the name not to be released. He said it is really simple and they do that for their customers.

    If WordPress has a partnership with this company, why can WordPress not ask for the company to do this? That makes no sense. It is more like WordPress support does not want to take any action or assist with this issue.

    When I canceled I had two people sitting with me, and we can all confirm there was no warning that the domain name would be released.

    This policy makes no sense.



    Macmanx (staff) already gave you an answer, but if you’re still unhappy, I suggest you raise your concerns with directly:

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