cancelled within 48 hours, no feedback to that effect.

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    I cancelled yesterday noon well within the 48 hours, then no confirmation to that, this morning wordpress sent me email to try and keep me, but again its not user friendly to work with, I like my iWeb on apple, and the site looks so amateurish and can’t do what I want to with it. This morning their email mentioned about keeping the $17 domain, WHAT A WASTED TIME AND $99.

    The blog I need help with is


    If you put in the cancel within 48 hours, they will honor it. Do know though that you will not be able to get the domain back at another registrar for probably 60 days. That isn’t a wordpress rule, that is a rule of the partnering domain registrar and is pretty standard for all registrars.

    I’ll take this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will respond and make sure this is taken care of.

    Do know though that iWeb has had its death warrant unofficially signed and will be getting no more updates or anything and when mobileme officially takes its last breath in July 2012, iWeb will likely expire with it.



    When you click on the Cancel and Refund button, an email is sent to you to confirm that you want to cancel the subscription. When the confirmation link is clicked, your subscription will be removed from My Subscriptions and from Blog Subscriptions and the refund will be issued. If the bundle has a Domain Registration upgrade, the domain will remain on the domains page until Support cancels the domain registration.



    We have been responding to you since yesterday, but I see that you have since sent three more replies in the span of an hour.

    I have just sent a reply via email.

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