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    No one is helpful in this forum. No offense. You guys read some and skip over them. Remember how us people asking feel. Can someone read my last one. Just need to get a site views counter link on, ut the link keeps disappeasring. Email or immediate help please? Anything much appreciated….

    The blog I need help with is



    We’d like to help but you’ll need to be a little more specific on what you’re trying to accomplish.

    If you’re wanting to view your visitor statistics, you can do so by going to your blog’s dashboard and clicking on “Dashboard” at the top of the left-hand column. One of the options is Site Stats, and that will show you how many visitors you’ve had along with a lot of other useful information.



    Thank You Jackie. Kindest person so far.

    Jackiedana, I see people with a flagcounter made at It is cool so I wanted one. every time I put the HTML in the image widget and press save, it disappears and no image shows up on my home page, just the title. Heres the code for a forum.



    Glad to help.

    Please check the links I posted in your other thread. They may be useful to you.


    1 may 2012 my blog had 538 followers, 2 may 2012 the morning at 7 am EST just 284 blogfollowers and the facebook followers are down to 25 without any reason.
    What is the cause of this sudden drop. I think it is a software fault or something in between communication of Facebook and I was not unfriended by my friends or other things that indicate this sudden loss. I can not find a reasonable explanation. Do you have one.



    I’m using the Showcase theme and some of my thumbnails are the wrong photograph for the post. Example, there is a picture of a heart stone in a little girls hand for my post of a collection of seashells in a tide pool. I can’t see how to correct this. Please help.
    I’m sending a link to one of the problem posts. This is not the only one with an issue on my site.




    I have the same issue. I never found solution to my issue and I always needed to contact any support directly.
    So..I wanted several times to install some plugins on my wordpress blog, especially the blocking country IP one. I did find instructions bt they all say to activate through my plugins setting in word press. The problem is that I DO NOT have such option . SO please, tell me, how do I get to have “Plugins” option in my blog??

    Thank you very much.



    Hi. I run and just started it. I was fooling around with the widgets and accidentally got rid of the ‘sign in’ link in the column on the right. Not sure what I did but can you fix it or tell me how to get it back? (I want to mess around with it some more.)



    (email redacted)



    That’s easy. It’s the Meta Widget. You can just go to Appearance->Widgets on your dashboard and drag it back into your sidebar area.

    Deviousqueen, plugins cannot be installed on blogs. They are for blogs only.



    Thanks! Done and done!


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