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CanI post a link to these sites?


    The main reason for writing my blog is to allow God to have an infectious touch on my viewers. I designed a category entitled Making a Difference and had these links connected to it. I read about a blog being taken down for having a support ad link. Are these sites appropraite to post on a

    The blog I need help with is

  2. where is everyone? I am curious as well,

  3. WordPress is fine with links to charities. Just not to spam. You can find the official WordPress terms of service here:

    If you're still not sure, your best bet would be to contact support:

    Hope it helps.

  4. What you absolutely CANNOT do is say "Donate money to my Paypal, and I promise to give it to really good charities".

    You CAN do "I'm running this marathon for charity, support the fundraising at this link" But if you don't run the marathon, we'll hunt you down.

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