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    I expected to find a lot more blogs similar to Smoke fax than I have so far. Is this a taboo topic on WordPress or have I just overlooked or not fund the good stuff yet? Would love to connect and share notes with other cannabloggers :-)

    The blog I need help with is



    No the subject is not taboo.

    The Tags search page is in the Reader area of the Dashboard is at this link.

    The search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

    For Topics (Tags page) searches see This is the syntax http://en/
    See here!/read/topics/

    For Google searches use this format and replace “keyword” with whatever word or keyword phrase you wish:

    Example search string
    Queen Victoria
    results >



    Cannabis is a term used most widely by those in the UK and Europe. In North America marijuana is the most widely used term.



    I checked the cannabis, marijuana, ganja, and weed tags without finding a whole lot. I will keep looking. Thank you!



    Also just fwiwv I am Californian and the term cannabis is more common than marijuana here. More often tho’ it’s just weed, ganja, or green. But still, I don’t actually encounter ‘marijuana’ often. Interesting.



    That is almost certainly because it is still illegal in most states, and blogs about illegal drugs are not allowed here.



    Ah, I see. That would tend to explain it. Is Federal or State law used however as the reference for that rule? I’m guessing state based on your wording?



    Federal law is what applies to blogs, I believe. It’s in the Terms of Service.



    The Washington Post has written about marijuana several times this year, and to my knowledge none of their reporters have been sued or arrested for writing about illegal drugs. It is hard to discuss the emerging state laws without using the words “marijuana” or “cannabis”. Heck, it’s hard discuss any drug-related crime if “blogs about illegal drugs are not allowed” on WordPress.



    True. I have also noticed, since making this thread, that there is at least one California-based medical cannabis dispensary which has a WordPress blog, and has for a fairly long time. There is also a Washington-based members-only recreational cannabis club with a WordPress blog. So I’m assuming, based on this example, that our reviews blog should be on fairly solid ground rules-wise.

    Mdtay11 also makes a good point. For better or worse these topics are a major part of the “world conversation”, so to speak, at the moment, particularly for Americans and other countries where there is currently a lot of public discussion and debate about the topic and/or where the laws are currently ambiguous or (as in the US) outright contradictory (State vs. Federal).

    If I were WordPress’s administration – and I’m not, so this matters all of a hill of beans, but still, for what little it is worth – if I were, I’d be erring on the side of caution where censorship is concerned. The legal questions around this topic are very complex and, honestly, I wouldn’t want to wrack my brains trying to figure it out. When the law of the land becomes clear and consistent, one way or another, I’d make a final policy decision for the site, but until then, I’d basically allow most anything to be posted so long as it wasn’t unambiguously illegal or otherwise a clear policy violation.

    Of course, it is also WordPress’s right to decide the other direction and ban all such content, with exactly the same reasoning (ambiguity of legal status). And also just because it’s a private site, technically, and the owners have the right to set whatever rules they choose for users to follow.

    I am backing up my Smokefax posts, just in case, but so far, the practice -seems- to be to follow State law with regard to what content is permitted. (It’s also possible that staff just hasn’t noticed and shut us all down yet, but some of the few cannabis blogs I have found seem kind of old for that. Unless it’s normal for TOS violations to go unpunished for long periods? I wouldn’t know.)

    In any event, happily, since creating this thread, I have discovered more cannabis-related content on WordPress. :D Some of it was started after I began this thread, but some of it I had just overlooked before. Still, there’s less of it than I expected. Perhaps over time as it becomes more legally accepted (as seems inevitable, at least in America) it will become a more common or popular topic on WordPress.



    And also just because it’s a private site, technically, and the owners have the right to set whatever rules they choose for users to follow.

    Read the TOS again – there is no exception in there that I remember for private blogs – been several over the years suspended for TOS violations

    also just because you see a blog that does something, does not mean that the blog is legal – I have seem many blogs suspended that had been up for a year – then someone flagged them and they were gone the next day

    My advice would be to contact the TOS group and see what they say.



    Hi everyone,

    We still strongly support the Freedom of Speech at and Automattic.

    I will tell you what I tell anyone who writes in complaining about any content about a site:

    While does not condone the opinions expressed on the site in question, we will not remove material on the grounds that it is offensive or disturbing to its readers. Please refer to our position on freedom of speech at the link below:

    If you feel strongly about this particular issue, please consider blogging about it . You will, of course, have the same freedoms.

    The question of legality is one for law enforcement, and should they become involved we will deal with them directly as we always do.

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