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Cannot access a blog that was created using my domain name

  1. There is a blog called "". "Techlanguage" is the name I have been using for my personal domain and web site for about 10 years ( . I don't remember creating a blog on, but any case, I want to use it now. However, when I login to, I still cannot administer the blog. It says "I do not have the privileges to access the dashboard ..."

    If I click on the link to get myself invited, it leads to a page that tells me how to invite other people. What can I do to take control of this blog? If it's not mine, can you please ask the owner to relinquish it?

  2. No, nobody will ask the owner to give it to you. You'll have to identify the owner or make contact somehow. Clearly you didn't create it from this username. Did you have a different username at If the blogger at that blog didn't leave any contact details or a contact form, you can try leaving a comment.

  3. I left a comment on the blog, no answer yet. What happens if nobody answers, for say, a month or a year? Can WordPress declare the blog dead? I understand the rule behind never re-using a blog name, but this time the creator has never added any content; the only posting is generic.

    Also, if in fact it was me who created it, how can I figure out what account created it and regain control of it?

  4. will not delete or transfer the blog, nor get in touch with the creator for you.

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