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    I cannot get to my dashboard or my blog by any of the links on the main page. What’s really strange about this is that I could access it on my work computer and other computers but not on this, my home computer. This began while I was writing a post. When I hit the publish button, the site froze up. A version of the post was saved and I able to post it from another computer, but the problem has not cleared up.

    Thank you very much.



    Clear your browser cache and cookies before trying anything else. Then restart your home computer and try to sign in again. This will hopefully have wiped out the problem.

    When you say you cannot get to the dashboard, what do you get instead? Do the links just hang up and never load? Do you get an error message?



    Thanks, in advance, for providing some specifics so we can begin to help you.
    (1) What is the url for the blog in question?
    (2) What is the operating system of the computer in question?
    (3) Which browser and version of it are you using?
    (4) Have you reloaded your browser?
    (5) Have you cleared your cookies and cache?
    (6) Has the computer in question received any recent browser or anti-virus or security updates?

    (waving to raincoaster)


    Did the cache/temp file clearing and restarted. Problem solved. Thanks so much! :)



    YAY! for rain – another happy camper. :)

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