cannot access dashboard please help

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    Hi, I cannot access my dashboard,

    the blog I need help with is –



    Hi dovesgold,

    Can you provide more details as to what happens when you attempt to access your dashboard: Along the way -> Dashboard? Do you receive an error of any sort? It would help anyone troubleshoot.





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    sorry timethief your answer did not help me, so I decided to rephrase my question.

    @ mar1965 I was logged in and using that blog and I decided to delete it; I received the deletion email and clicked through and was told the blog had been deleted; but it hasn’t/ If you look at the trophies page you can see it is my blog. Please will you delete it, I think there has been some kind of glitch, thanks.


    when I try to access I get the message –
    User dovesgold Cannot Access the Dashboard Requested

    You are logged in as “dovesgold” and do not have the necessary privileges to access the dashboard for “~Along the way~”. If you are not “dovesgold”, please log out, and log back in with your username. If you are “dovesgold” and you need access, please ask an administrator of the site to invite you.

    This is frustrating as I am the adminitrator, and no-one esle ever had access, thanks, hope you can solve it.



    The other thread was tagged for Staff support. Please return to it.




    I have responded to your other thread that timethief kindly linked to, so I will close this one.

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