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Cannot access my dashboards

  1. The last thing I have done was publish a post.

  2. Can you supply a link to your blog, starting with http? The link on your name is not to a blog and we won't be able to help you with that.

  3. Oh now it's fixed - just had to visit it's front page, then dashboard.

    PS: Here's my blogs, so you know in case I ask again:

  4. OK, now it's back! Except now revisiting the front page doesn't work!

  5. could you provide a link to your WordPress.COM blog, starting with http://

    Whatever is linked to your username is not a COM blog.

  6. The blogs I had in the previous had the names of them.

  7. previous is not now! doesn't help!!!

  8. Here's the blogs:

    I can't access the dashboards or front pages.

  9. It doesn't appear that you have claimed the first one. It's still available first-come, first-served.
    The second blog comes up with your user-name. The avatar is different from the one I see here. The latest post was Nov. 4. Are the posts made by you? And now you can't log in to your account?

  10. Oh, it's thealp<b>h</b>anerd, sorry.

  11. Darn, I meant for that H to be bold. Can a mod fix it?

  12. I don't understand what you are asking:
    The first blog you listed does not belong to you. It's up for grabs.
    The second blog you listed, does that belong to you? Are those posts yours?
    Is the problem that you cannot log in to your account?
    If so, I'd suggest you contact Support.

  13. I can log in to my account.

    The blogs are mine, here is a quick recap:
    flashgamereview (also other members on this)

    I cannot access the sites or dashboards.

    I can access the global dashboard.

  14. I'm thinking you have given other people the role of administrator and they/he/she has excluded you. Bad idea.

  15. No, they're just a contributer.

  16. The good news, is that it's fixed! Must be some dead servers from all this politics.

  17. i cannot access my blogsite everytime i click "visit site" button from my dashboard. there is also a small box on my post everytime i try to edit it. i had experienced this for the past days.

  18. by the way, i am talking about my blog at there is no problem with my other blogsites. what seems to be the problem with the Bald Runner site?

  19. We need a link to your blog to help. And consider linking it in your user name as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums.

  20. I can access your site just fine. If you can't get to it, contact support using the link in your dashboard.

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