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Cannot access original blogposts from App reader

  1. There used to be a function on the mobile readers (iPhone and iPad) called "view original" post (of a followed blog) which would drive traffic to the site proper (like the one still visible on monitor readers). Has this disappeared with recent updates? Clicking on the summarized version in the iOS reader apps opens up a new window with the post but not a complete list of comments and no access to the blog itself. Isn't this problematic for those bloggers who don't want full posts appearing there because they wish to fully engage viewers with content NOT on the reader? And doesn't this decrease the number of "visits" that would otherwise appear in the stats?
    PLUS the fact that trying to access WordPress through a web browser (in this case Safari) seems to default to the app and result in the same problems. One used to be able to log in this way as a workaround when there were reader problems in the app - now we've effectively been "locked out" - Any ideas?
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. App not the best at the moment is it? :(

    When you click on the post in the reader the new page has a small icon in the top right corner (a box with an arrow pointing up) and that will give you the option to open in Safari. That opens a new tab in Safari with the post.
    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for your help, I'll try that and let you know!
    Would you know whether these new reader updates override the "For each article in a feed, show (tick off your choice) : Full text : Summary" settings that appear in the Reading setting of the dashboard?
    Now if WP could just link up all my likes into some sort of stat I'd be thrilled...

  4. You're welcome. :) As far as I know the 'for each article in a feed' setting only applies to what your followers see in their emails, the start of the blog post or the whole thing.

    I wouldn't worry about your Likes, they can be a deceptive creature. Many of them are just clicks in the hopes you'll be suckered into looking at their blog in return. Lots are just a Like from the reader without having even read the post, as evidenced by the way you can write a long post and a Like will be there within seconds of it being published, no way anyone could have read it! :)

  5. Thanks for the quick reply - I was (perhaps mistakenly) under the assumption that the "for each article in feed" was a feature designed for the WP reader (or bloglovin or other reader) as well- as in, that we are given a choice as to whether the full post or a "summary" appears in order to "force" the viewer to navigate to the "original post" on our blogs (still appears this way on the monitor reader) - for lack of a better way of explaining (e.g. :reader :my post :click post name :partial(summarized) my post window appears :click "view original" or "Sorry, this blog only allows us to show the first section of a post. Read Full Post →") - this is what seems to have disappeared from the mobile readers and it bothers me that control of my content has been removed for the sake of expediency.
    At this point, I'm not too worried about likes having also noticed that people seem to do it out of reflex and for the reasons you've mentioned - what I find curious is how people can "follow" and not visit, like or comment: why bother? I won't even trace back to where those came from unless I get some sort of interaction...
    Thanks again for all your help...

  6. You're very welcome. :)

    The biggest problem I have with the mobile version at the moment is that the new update means you can't get linked directly to a post that you have commented on, you can only reply in the window or have to search it out by title!
    Oh well, a complaint for another day! :)

  7. @metan1
    Thanks for helping. I tagged this thread so Staff are aware of your feedback on the app.

  8. Thank you TT. :)
    I went to the mobile forum to mention it but you have to have an org log in to comment. I didn't really want to sign up just to complain!

  9. @metan1
    That's probably a good idea and here is why. I have an account there and my comments I submitted to threads there went into the spam filter. Well there is no Staff to contact to fish them out at so I cannot get support there.

  10. Thanks everyone for all your help - let's see what happens! In the meantime, back to the big screen...

  11. To be honest, posting in the iOS forums is the best way to reach out to our mobile app developers, as they monitor those forums specifically.

    At any rate, thanks for the feedback. I'll pass it along to our developers directly.

  12. For now, if you prefer to read blogs on the original site, we recommend using the Reader in a mobile browser such as Safari or Chrome. Our app does not have the built-in functionality to view the original post within the app itself.

  13. The problem isn't where we prefer to read blogs (I use the link in the app reader to open things in Safari), but that the entire format of the comments has changed in the app. It used to be very good but now it's back to the Comments I've Made part of my Dashboard for decent access.

    Until the most recent update there used to be a (safari) link directly to the post when you opened up any comment notification, now there is a blank space as if they forgot to insert that piece of the puzzle.

    The only link on the comment is beside the Gravatar of the person who replied. If a person other than the blog owner replied to you that can make it quite confusing! Even if it is the blog owner you have to click into their blog, find the post the comment was on, then find your comment at the bottom of the post.

    I'm aware posting in the iOS forum is the best way to deal with this but I don't have an org blog, so no org login. I did go and look but it was fairly clear the iOS forum is not overly well attended, I expect that there would be more iOS help over there if people with a login could use it too.
    Thanks for passing it on though. :)

  14. Thanks again for your feedback. The iOS forums are a separate support forum, but anyone can create a account and post there.

  15. The problem for me is, if I read an article I like from a blog I often wish to share the blog article on various social networks to support the author's work and send more traffic their way. Without the ability to view the original post I am no longer able to do that.

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