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    I’ve been gong to this website for long time.Now I get a dialogue box asking for username and was created.I received the e-mail regarding activation.And i still can’t acess her website(’m French Canadian and don’t understand all the internet language for blogs/website….frustratin! Thanks!



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for hosted blogs only. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog you need to seek help at the forums, not here.

    If you don’t understand the difference, you may find this information helpful.



    I don’t know if I would post my email address on such a public forum.



    The owner of has chosen to make it a private blog.



    I don’t have my own blog or blog adress.when i go to
    I get this- W – this blog is proctected,to view it you must log in.
    remember me Log in
    Get a free wordpress account, lost your password
    I clicked on the above and I created an account.wordpress sent me one and when that was activated I ASSUMED I COULD TYPE THIS INFO INTO THE DIALOG BOX AT TEXASDARLIN WEBSITE AND THEREFORE COULD ASSESS HER WEBSITE AGAIN but I still can’t.what do I have to do to get in or is there a problem acessing it from time to time.


    When a blog has been set to private, the blog owner has to actually add your username to their list of approved users before you would be able to view the blog. Private blogs are limited only to users/visitors that the blog owner adds.



    thanks for info and reminder about e-mail posting.Now that it is a private blog -what does that mean and how can I get a username and password to log in to acess her site??


    You have to be invited by the blog owner. You will have to figure out some way to contact them (if you do not have any contact information) and ask them to add you. They may say no and they may say yes. If they say no, then that is all there is to it.


    She may very well had decided to quit blogging either for a while, or for good. That is of course the blog owners decision and when that happens, we have to respect that decision.



    Thanks-if I understand correctly th wordpress account that was made and activated is OK I just need to wait for her to add my username to her list. I’m assuming I have to just keep on typing in my account info ’til hopefully I get enlisted! Does it make a differnce whether someone posted or not at her website.You do mention visitors. I only read it-too shy to post! But I loved her site,as well as Lynette Long and Heidi Li Potpourri,Bud white to name a few. I also went down to Maine to help with the McCain-Palin campaign(democrat for McCain)



    Thank for all your help from Northern Canuck


    If you have contacted the blog owner and asked to be added, then you will have to wait till they either email you back or as you say you try to log into the site and you can.

    When a blog is set to private, it does not matter how many times someone has visited or commented on the blog, if the blog owner does not all them then they will not be able to access the blog.

    Again, if you are not added or do not hear back, then that will pretty much be the end of the story.



    I’ve edited this post to remove your email address for your security and freedom from spam :)

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