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    I have set up a WordPress blog onto an Amazon EC2 instance.
    However now I cannot access the admin menu for my blog’s web page. When I try to log in or access the wp-admin page, the connection simply times out. This also happens when I click anywhere on the site.
    Is this an issue with the configuration of my EC2 instance or the plugins of my blog?


    I have the same problem, I had the old misty look theme and was missing the RSS feed on my self hosted website so i read that if you take the spaces out of the theme-content php it fixes it….i’ve been up all night trying to find a solution and cant. :-( and now everything is gone…I’ve had it since 2008 and of course have no backup PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!


    Sounds as though both of you have self-hosted wordpress installs. These forums are all about the wordpress version that is hosted here at in a more controlled environment that (mostly) keeps us out of the troubles you describe.

    Read here to find out the differences between and

    Luckily there are forums over at You will have to sign up over there to post on them.

    Good luck!

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