Cannot add Facebook and Twitter buttons on the same line with image widget

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    Can someone tell me how I can place all my social media buttons (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest) on the same line? I’ve tried scaling down the images but that doesn’t work.
    They still appear on four different lines.
    Is there a CSS code I need to add?


    The blog I need help with is


    Don’t use an image widget if you want multiple images. Use a text widget.


    Thanks for that but one last question. I’ve figured how to upload the images but still can’t get the images on the same line?
    Any suggestions?



    Can you put the widget into the sidebar and then I can see it and adjust the code for you.


    The widget is in the sidebar now. I think I figured out how to place the buttons next to each other, I just need to rework the sizes of the buttons. However, now my other widgets now appear at the bottom of the blog under the last post….am I missing part of the code so the they aren’t pushed down to the bottom of the blog?

    Thanks for your help.


    Try taking that text widget back out of the sidebar and put it into the “inactive widgets” area at the bottom of the widget page in the dashboard and see if the sidebar comes back. I temporarily deleted the content of the widget using Firebug and it didn’t make any difference.


    I just did that and the other widgets are back. What do you recommend I do next?

    Thanks again for your help!


    Go to settings > writing and click “WordPress should automatically correct…” and save.

    Copy your widget code out and into the “Text” tab in a draft post and switch from the text tab to the visual tab and then back again. Copy out the code and replace the code in the text widget with that new code. WordPress should have automatically corrected anything that might have been wrong (hopefully).


    Thanks, it worked!


    Great and you are welcome.

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