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Cannot add hyperlinks to blog posts

  1. I've been having trouble adding hyperlinks to my blog posts.

    I'm trying to add a link to this website:

    I know that there's a link button but I've always just done the following when adding links:


    This is what I've always done, and it's always worked, but, when I look at the blog post in "preview", it just shows the html code above and not the actual link.

    I even tried just using the link button, and the same thing happened. What on earth is going wrong?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Grrrr. Clearly, I *am* adding the html code correctly because it worked above when I actually did not want it to. Instead of a link to "NaBloPoMo" which is what I want, and is what happened above, the blog post just shows the html code.

  3. We only provide support here for free hosted blogs and the wbiste you link to is not a free hosted blog. Look up and see the yellow notice by Staff at the head of the forum in case it's a factor in this.

    We experienced some brief network problems and are actively working on getting things back to normal; hang in there!

  4. Timethief, I *do* have a free blog! The link I provided is what I am trying to add TO my free blog. And, no, I don't think that this issue was caused by the temporary network problems because I just tried to re-add the link, but still no success.

  5. Actually, disregard all of the above...It seems you were right, timethief. I just tried to add the link using the link button, and it actually worked this time! Thanks.

    I wish I had known this was a temporary issue, as I just spent hours scouring the internet for a solution. Oh well. Next time I'll know to come on here and check for the "network problems" message.

  6. Please posts an active link starting with http:// to the free hosted blog you are having this issue with.
    Which browser and version of it are you using?
    Have you tried browser troubleshooting?
    If your browser is outdated you can upgrade it here >

  7. OOPS! Our comments crossed as we were typing at the same time. It's great to hear that this is working for you now. Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  8. I'm having the same problem as petrichoric adding hyperlinks, even when using the Link button. Is there a network issue? I didn't see a message about one on the Forum page. Thanks.

  9. What site are you trying to link to, and what browser and version are you using?

  10. @gbgasart: Please provide more details. How are you trying to add a link? Visual or HTML editor? What kind of link? On a post, page, links widget, etc.

  11. I tried to copy/paste 2 different addresses to the same site both failed to link both visually and in the HTML. These are the failed addresses & I just copy/pasted a third version address into my post and this one worked I don't understand why but am happy that it worked that address is

  12. I did restart my machine maybe that was it?

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