Cannot add new Catagory “Permission Denied”

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    I cannot add a new category to my blog; when I try to do so, I get a “Permission Denied” message. I logged off and on again, and verified that I can write a post, but still cannot create a new category. I do have a lot of different categories in my blog but I don’t see any indication if there is a maximum number of these allowed.



    this is an issue that comes up every so often. You need to send feedback or an email to support[at], and staff will take care of it for you.



    Been discussed many many times already here in the forums. Try logging out, clearing your browser’s file and cookie caches and try again.

    if it doesn’t work, please let us know what browser, browser version, OS, security programs, and the specific method you’re trying to add it categories into your blog.

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    There a cheat that may work for you described in this thread

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