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Cannot add pics

  1. I cannot add pictures to my posts with Blogdesk. I shows the post going through o.k. in blogdesk but when i visit the blog the pictures do not show up and looking in the uploads section it does not show the pictures.

    I read in these forums that blogdesk works here but now am finding it does not do the pictures corrctly. Is there any way to fix this or do I need to get different software?

  2. If it's the bathroom picture in your last post, I see it fine.

  3. I had to go to and manually upload and insert the image.

  4. Well, all I can go with is what I see. :)

    I use Blogdesk myself and haven't had an issue with uploading pics. It might have something to do with the current issues staff is having this afternoon.

    Hope this helps,

  5. I just made a post titles "see no picture" for you to see that the picture is not there.

  6. well, you going to go look or what?

  7. OK...

    Please excuse me for having dinner and helping other folks at other sites on the net. Friendly reminder that I'm not an Admin here, just a volenteer trying to assist folks. Please also remember that I'm not at your beck and call nor do I get paid for any of this.

    If you want Admin assistance, feel free to drop a Feedback from your Dashboard. I'm just here trying to help folks so that staff can use their time to deal with other issues.

    I think you may have missed the bit about it being a part of the issues that staff are having this afternoon that I mentioned in my post.

    Uploading pictures via Blogdesk works. There's many of us that use it, including myself.

    You'll note that if you try the URL of the picture within your browser URL bar, it returns a 503 error message. As per the other threads, there appears to be something occuring on the backend. Best bet would be to wait it out until staff fixes the issue.

  8. Well, I guess you told me. Won't bother posting a question here again,believe I have seen enough.

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