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    News from was that you could add twitter button to your blog. Fine. I followed instructions and went to dashboard->settings->sharing, drug various “available services” into “enabled services”. Hit “save changes” and ???

    Nothing. Even though the little comment box to the right of the enabled services says “Services dragged here will be hidden behind a share button” I don’t see a share button anywhere on my blog pages. Sharing is supposed to be on “posts only” (not index pages).

    Discussion indicated the Share button was supposed to be on the bottom of the page but I don’t see (and can’t Find) anything with Twitter, Reddit, Share, etc.

    What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is


    Terry, I’m seeing the buttons, but they will not appear on the blog main page, just on the single-post page (after clicking on the post title or on the comments link).

    See at the bottom of this post: .



    Hi I have followed the directions but I cannot find where there is a way to add the feature I don’t have the option available in the menu…….I would give you a screen print but that doesn’t paste in here. Any help would be appreciated!



    The site linked to your name isn’t a blog; in fact, it doesn’t open at all for me.



    Hmmm…now I see the social media buttons – I surely don’t remember reading how they only appear on the single post page and not the main site. So, if someone goes to, they’re not going to see the buttons. How odd! Thanks.

    Raincoaster, I assure you that is a valid link to a wordpress blog.

    Owyheestar: If what Sacredpath says is true, then the social media buttons aren’t going to show up on but on posts linked to that page. Why this is the case is beyond me: someone’s design choice, I guess. Cute pups, btw.

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