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    I am attempting to add users to my new blog. I use the add user section and get the same error message no matter how many times I delete and resend the invitation. The error message is “Whoops, you can’t use an activation key you’ve created for someone else.”. This is the same error message that anyone I have tried to add as a user, whether it a contributor, author, editor, etc. When I try and send them a link to even be a follower, the link in email does not work. I have emailed the support department at wordpress and haven’t gotten a response. This is extremely frusterating!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m facing the same problem



    @yarnpapersisters-If you have contacted Support @, please be patient while they get back to you. Also, it isn’t suggeseted to send additional support requests on the same topic as support requests are dealt with from oldest to newest and writing to them again and again only disturbs the “age” of your request, making it newer.

    @antidoxe-are you following these instructions?



    I have the same problem. I want to set up a blog for my daughter to use and for her to be the author with her own profile, avatar, etc but it seems impossible to do that.

    If I try to invite her by sending her a mail I get the same error message as the original poster.

    Why can’t this be as simple as just an “add new author” button? Why the need for inviting by mail at all? This is silly.


    Same Problem



    @scatts and @joseysmusings
    Hello there,
    Volunteers cannot help with this issue. Will you please contact Staff with all your details?




    Apologies, didn’t know this was the wrong place for such a question. I’ll go talk to the staff.

    In the end I solved my problem but only by logging out, registering my daughter as a new WordPress user, setting up her own blog and then inviting me to be an administrator of it. Sledgehammer to crack a nut!



    That’s the correct process and you succeeded so you don’t need Staff help. :)



    I have trouble seeing how that is the correct process. It entails setting up and entirely new blog instead of being able to use the blog originally set up and inviting users to that blog, which is what all the instructions from WordPress say you should be able to do. It was the reason I chose to set up a blog on WordPress. I wanted the ability to have multiple authors on the ORIGINAL blog. I have emailed staff two days ago and still have not heard from them.




    Registering a username account does not compel one to take a blog . By scrolling down on the registration form one finds “Just a username please”.

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