Cannot Change Menu Bar Color. "Customize" Doesn't Work. Reverts Right Back.

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    This change occurred without me touching anything. I’m now stuck with a Beige scheme instead of the previous Black one.

    Customizing just doesn’t work properly. The change to the color of the Menu Bar never seems to take effect.

    I can see it change in the preview, but as soon as I go to my live page, it’s Beige again.

    Everything else seems normal though, other color options do take effect.

    Please help me with this ASAP, as people coming to my blog see it with this ugly Beige menu bar and I can’t do anything about it – it’s driving me nuts!

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you try deleting cache and cookies? It’s probably just a browser issue since I’ve been having the same issues.



    Thank you Cynthia,

    I’ve devided that it was not a browser issue since I’ve tried fixing it via the browsers on various other devices.

    At the end I had to turn on the Preview (the one it gives you before buying the custom design suite), pick the correct color and leave it like that.

    It says, “This feature is a part of Custom Design. Purchase to make it live or exit the preview.” ; but somehow my changes remained intact. Again, checked it via various other devices, it’s been somehow fixed – for now…


    @omercf, thanks for reporting this! What you mentioned about turning on the preview to get the colors to go back the way they were was really helpful! We’re working to fix the problem, and I’ll post another update here as soon as I have more info.



    @designsimply, thank you for addressing it and I’ll be on the lookout for that update.



    The update is in. Please let me know if you’re still having any trouble.



    Hello, i am having the same problem. i also have a thread about it here

    The preview method didn’t work for me, unfortunately.



    Oh and i must add that when i say “customize” theme, menu-bar is black but when i go back to mainpage it turns back to white.


    @designsimply could it be a twenty eleven glitch? I’m having the same trouble.


    I’m having the same problem with mine too!


    @lngatari, I’ve replied at

    @cityhippyfarmgirl, well, we’re adding in support for some themes to have free colors palettes! (so cool) But, it seems that, in a few cases, past previewed colors settings snuck in somehow and we fixed one of them and now I have to find anyone who’s still having trouble so I can make sure everything gets fixed. There *might* be Twenty Eleven specific thing happening, so I’m looking at that too. Great suggestion!

    @losingittohelpfindit, hi and sorry for the troubles! I checked and I see that your menu bar looks gray but probably should be black. We’re looking into the issue about the menu bar, and I’ll reply back here as soon as I have an update. Could you let me know if any other colors seem to be affected in your case?



    similar problem here. I did have a blue menu bar in twenty eleven, but now (in firefox or chrome) it is white, with white text. Basically invisible.

    In IE it is black, which is visible at least but ideally I’d like it to go back to being blue again. It shows up correct colors in the customiser but not when actually browsing.


    i have the same problem, i thought i fixed it with the preview system “omercf” said but then the menu turned back to white after some minutes (it should be black by default).
    theme: blaskan



    same problem with my blog the menu bar is white… what should I do? thanks for help!



    I am having the same problem.


    @designsimply my menu bar colour is my only issue at this time, is there a way to change it back to being black?


    Same problem here as well. Please hurry if you can – we wanted to launch the site yesterday and unfortunately you can’t even read the nav bar. :/



    Same problem here!



    any updates?


    Hi guys! Looks like Twenty Eleven and Blaskan are the themes with the menu background color problem so far. I’ve reported this issue to our developers, and someone will reply back here as soon as we have any new info.

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