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    I just posted a post with multiple tags (like Internet, Web etc) then later edited the tags to change them to lower case (internet, web) and saved. However it didn’t change and I tried saving multiple times to no avail.

    This is after the maintenance and the new tag feature.




    Generally, tags are not case sensitive, so it shouldn’t matter.

    The saving problem you are having is a different issue–it seems to have been resolved for most people at the moment.



    I am having this problem, too. I saved some posts with tags capitalized, then decided I liked them better lower-case. I went back and edited them, but the case change won’t “stick” when I save the post. Not only that, whenever I add that tag to a new post, it automatically gets switched to upper case. So now I have a mix of capitalized and lower-case tags, which looks really stupid.





    that’s not actually how i interpret that statement. To me, it means that “Blog” is the same as “blog” not that once i have used “Blog” i cannot use “blog”.

    The mix of case bothers me, too, but i suspect that we are stuck with whatever case the original user of the tag in question used. The reason i say this is that i entered one of my tags, “Ile-de-France”, without any accent marks, yet the tag cloud in my sidebar shows “Île-de-France” with the circumflex over the initial “i”. It must be pulling the accented tag from somewhere other than my tags.



    Yes, we are stuck! I made the mistake of tagging a post with Nostalgie, instead of nostalgie, and there it is forever. I tried to delete it and add it again, with a small n, but it came back with a capital N! :(



    I think this is dependent on WP somehow. Almost all of my tags are capitalized, but “work” seems incapable of being changed. I’ve had this problem with categories before, so I think it’s how WP entered it originally or something.



    Just had this problem myself, there’s two ways you can deal with it.

    1) The heart of the problem lies within your wp_terms table inside the database your WordPress installation uses. If you have access to your database with a tool like phpMyAdmin just edit the name values (not the ids, slugs, or anything else). It is in the name where you will see all your messed up cases. Even if you delete all posts, or tags from posts, these tags still remain in this table. So when you next come to use the same tag it checks against the table and uses the case found in it….the first case you went with.

    2) If you don’t have access to the database you can change the case of the tags with CSS. Google CSS uppercase, lowercase, etc. This means editing your CSS rules for everywhere tags show on your site. A pain in the butt, not recommended, but entirely possible.



    mk07 – we don’t have access to the databases here. The blogs here are on a WordPress MU install.



    vivianpaige – ahaah, sorry.

    If you have access to the CSS for your theme you could do it that way? With CSS you can use:

    text-transform: uppercase;
    text-transform: lowercase;
    text-transform: capitalize;

    the last one capitalizing the first letter of each word.

    These would need to be added to the containing divs/paragraphs/spans etc.



    I have noticed that if I use a tag that is also one of my categories, it automatically Capitalizes, and I cannot go and change to lower caps.
    Perhaps since my categories are Capitalized, the tags follow suit.


    The lower realms of tagegories are dark and mysterious places no one understands, much like having multiple category widgets that all do the same thing.



    @tsp – Not even wank has summed this up so well in a single sentence … I’m LOL ;-D)))



    I’ll have what’s behind door #2 for 1000 Alex….
    That sums up my knowledge on Tags….
    See, it’s capitalized….


    Thanks. I shudder just thinking about my exploratory trip in there.



    Suffice to say that if you want staff attention the best way to get it is to send in a “support” ticket using the button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page during support hours. Monday-Friday 8-4PM.

    IMHO and from the individual blogger’s viewpoint the only useful purpose that tags could serve (whether or not the first letters of each one is or, is not capitalized) is to direct those using my blog’s searchbox to my blog posts in that same blog.

    As the tag strategy in place here at is to direct visitors off my blog to the global tag pages just as categories do, and as there is no means of managing tags or even knowing how many I have used and what they are, let alone, being able to edit them, I don’t find the capitalization of the first letter issue to be well – important.

    So, I’m wondering why you are so keen on having them in the first place, with or without capitalized first letters. Would you care to expand as to what useful purpose you think they serve on your blog?

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