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Cannot change username

  1. I see that people have been unable to change their username and it is a known bug per the forums. This has been a bug for over a month but still not fixed. Any idea when we can change our username?
    Blog url:

  2. I can't give any exact dates as to when it will be fixed, but we are working on it.

  3. jermainelievendag

    This is really disturbing

  4. Good! And you have no contingency measure?

  5. @l0000l
    Who are you addressing? No one has posted to this thread for over a month and that feature was repaired long ago. See here for instructions >

  6. Ok! Thanks for the info, but I said that already exists, but I look and do not.

  7. You cannot use that tool to change to a username that already exists.

  8. I accidentaly changed my username (I thought it was my display name) and would like to change it back as its similar to my blogname and I would like to keep it simple.

    Is it possible to change it back to my old username before I accidentally changed it?

  9. I'm sorry but there's a process that has to be used to change a username so it it cannot be changed by accident.

    3. Read the information presented on this page very carefully. Important:You will not be able to change your username back. The old name will be reserved and no one will have access to it.

  10. removing self from notifications

  11. I misunderstood what "username" meant. I thought it was display name. Can I change it back with help from wordpress?

  12. No.

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