Cannot choose where I insert image! Help!

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    Hi there, I was trying to put an image into my blog and it normally works, however this time it simply won’t upload the photo to where I want it to.

    For example, I wanted to upload a picture in the MIDDLE of my blog, however, even when I click onto the middle of my blog post, then click “add media”> “Insert media”, the image still comes out at the TOP of the page. I had to use HTML style to physcially move the pics to the right places.

    This issue only started today. I wrote a blog 2 days ago and it was still fine. Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    try updating your browser to the latest version – it worked for me – I wasted an hour of my life trying to solve the same problem.



    Have you noticed that there is a new style to the ‘add media’ box, I noticed it yesterday? There is also an ‘advanced tab’ to the top right, and I’ve found that at times I have to click over to that one to ensure things such as adding a url, or placement even to ‘resize’ it, now I’m not to sure, but perhaps there is also something like ‘make header’ which must be ‘unchecked’ or something to that effect… Hope that helps :)

    Oh, and if you want the ‘old style’ media box, you just select image right in the ‘edit post’ mode.. and the edit or delete image in top left corner of image will be there, click to edit and the media box is as it used to be, to work with.



    Thanks for the info, afreestyler. I guess I need to have a play with the new upgrade. I was informed yesterday that older versions of the popular browsers were not fully compatible with the new upgrade. I upgraded from version 16 to 17 of Firefox and that solved the problem for me.



    I just lost an hour of my life trying to figure this problem too. Images inserting straight to the top of the post instead of in the middle where I want them. Upgrading Firefox fixed it. Must be a compatibility issue with the new image uploader. Such an annoying thing to have happen on top of trying to solve another separate issue. Cheers for the info guys =)

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