Cannot click on any of my links, site shuts down

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    when i go to my blog site and click on any of the files i get this error message:
    nternet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    then i have no choice but to click on it and then the entire site shuts down:

    the site has always worked fine but for the past week no one can access any of the files.
    i can add files no problem, the problem is just when i visit the site and try to click on any of the files.

    can someone see if it happens to them too? please go to my site and click on any of the files to the right, it even happens when i hold my mouse over any of the links. does anyone know what this is caused from?

    please advise if possible.

    thank you!



    Works fine here. This is most likely a problem with Adobe Reader or Internet Explorer on your computer.



    It works for me. Cool site though!



    Works fine here too, firefox3 for mac. Check for updates on your IE and adobe reader. Try another browser and see if it is the same problem.

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