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    This is a brand new problem – I have had no problems commenting on blogs until today. When I am logged in to my account, the only thing that happens when I compose a comment and click “Submit Comment” is my browser’s (Firefox) progress bar moves across and the screen goes back to the top of the post. No message appears and the comment does not appear at the bottom of the comment area. If I log out of my account, I can get the comment to appear as long as I do not put the URL of my WordPress blog ( in the URL space. If I do include the URL, the same issue happens. Help, please!


    Try leaving a comment on my test blog: .



    Thank you. I attempted a comment on your post entitled ‘Blogging without a net’. It shows “Logged in as Julie McLeod” in the comment dialog box. I entered the comment and Firefox’s progress bar moved across. The comment disappeared from the box. This is pretty similar to what has been happening all day and I’ve probably tried 15-20 different blogs. (I can leave comments on Blogger blogs using my open ID URL which is the same as my secondary blog

    I really appreciate any help you can provide. I’m very frustrated!


    I just got back to my computer and I found your comment in the Akismet spam folder. I despammed you, and from that Akismet will learn. My suggestion is to contact the blog owners you have commented on where your comment has not shown up and have them fish you out of the spam folder and approve you. It typically takes a couple days for Akismet to stop marking you as spam. There is no telling how you ended up getting on the spam list.

    One thing you could do to speed it up is to go to the Akismet site and use the contact form there and ask them to fix it for you. Make sure and give them the email address you are using as well as a link to your blog here.



    Thank you. I just tried again to comment on your blog and see that it worked the second time instantly.

    I also discovered that despite what I said before, I can comment without being logged in.

    I will contact Akismet.

    Thank you very much!


    Since your second comment went right through, my despamming must have worked extra fast. You should be OK now.

    And you are welcome.


    I have same problem with juliemcleod. I cannot submit a comment to another blog.
    All my comment go into akismet spam detector.
    I just tried to ask the Akismet now.
    Thanks for this forum, n also thesacredpath


    I just send contact to Akismet, but until now, i still a have problem with commenting to another wordpress blog. Any one can help me?
    My blog is : Indonesia News and Opinion
    Thanks for ur support and suggestions.


    Horee…my blog recover again.
    Thanks for this forum, juliemcleod, thesacredpath, and Mark at Akismet.
    I enjoyed it

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