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    I’m trying to comment on , but the site isn’t letting me. I have a WP account and can log onto it separately. But when I try to log on to, I get a repeated “Invalid Username” message. When I then try to enter my email address so I can get a password sent to me, it tells me that there’s no recognized email address.

    Again, I can log onto WP using my username/password and even had my password sent to my email, so I’m clearly in the system.

    I’m using Chrome and it’s keeping cookies. Had the same problem using Firefox. Any help is appreciated!

    [Note from staff: fixed broken link.]

    #465078 is a WordPress blog, but it is not hosted here at and therefore has a separate login system. Please see to learn more about the differences.

    You should contact the blog owners about getting access to the blog. I noticed they have a registration page, so you may want to check there first. That registration is separate from anything you have setup at


    Ah, thanks for that. The registration page is just for getting on a team in the league, but I’ll figure something out. Appreciate you pointing out the distinction.

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