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cannot comment using my wordpress URL on other blogs

  1. Hello

    I was trying to post a comment using my wordpress URL on a blogger site. but when I enter my wordpress username it say that "You do not own that identity." I don't have a wordpress blog but I do have a wordpress account. I have my own blog and it's connected to wordpress (jetpack). I tried to installed an openID plugin to my blog and use my direct URL but still no luck. it says it's trying to verify my URL and it simply redirects me to a link that doesn't exist. what am I doing wrong here?

    also, I wanted to disconnect my old jetpack site from wordpress. no matter how many times I disconnect it, it reappears in myblogs. that site no longer exists.

    thank you very much in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You do not own that identity

    Please read this Crazymaking Blogger Comment Settings

  3. thank you!

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