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cannot complete upgrade

  1. ufohunterorguk

    I am having this problem too ! payments page crashes !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ufohunterorguk

    Tried it again still get same blank page with "are you sure you want to do this" with no back buttons or options... please flag this for support, I do have support in my other bundles, thanks

  3. Flagged for the staff

  4. ufohunterorguk

    Thanks :))

  5. ufohunterorguk

    Just so you guys in support know I have transferred fund direct to the paypal account , balance shows in payment window but still fails with the "are you sure you want to do this" page, never had a problem with paypal before with wordpress upgrades so I'm sure its nothing major just rather annoying !

  6. Hi there,

    Can you please try clearing your cache out and then trying once more? I do not see a recent payment for this user account, by the way.

    Here is more information about how to do that:


  7. ufohunterorguk

    Hello thanks for the reply, I Been there done that lol, tried 3 different browsers same result , if you check my support messages you will see I have spoken with Valerie one of your support staff and sent a short video showing the error , she had no record of a transaction either, this is quite a serious problem I think, not recording transactions whether they be successful or not is not good, I hope we find a solution soon as I need to purchase my upgrades asap. I did point out that the value bundle was greyed out to her, I think that may be the problem, She sent me a link to the value upgrade but I'm suspicious that its failing for that reason, that the upgrade is coming back as unavailable !

  8. ufohunterorguk

    If I go here
    I get this
    Upgrade unavailable, this is the problem IMHO

  9. ufohunterorguk

  10. ufohunterorguk

    Come on Happiness engineers surely one of you can help fix my problem as I'm not happy, I have had contact with about 4 different support staff, given all the links to this page so they can see who I have spoken to and see others with similar issues that I found, sent in video of the problem 2 days ago, then I Get asked by another engineer to do the same again, then I send in the redirect loop link that wordpress own server is giving me and Im just Ignored, I mean what gives? If none of you can fix the problem then get max or kardotim to do it, They always fix things and quickly ! paypal payment to wordpress refuses to go through for any upgrades now and its a fault with wordpress not paypal as I have used it today. I hate to have to moan But Im left with no choice, please help fix my issue so I can get on with my life ! I'm quite a busy site and need this sorted asap........... its not rocket science is it

  11. ufohunterorguk

    I just want to add that I really hate to be a miserable moaning minny , wordpress support staff are great and always good to me but I need this fixed so I can get my upgrades, pleasseeeeeee just help fix it :(

  12. ufohunterorguk

    Pretty please?

  13. ufohunterorguk

    pretty pretty please?

  14. ufohunterorguk

    pretty pretty please with strawberry's Jam on top, and a box of cadburys milk tray lol

  15. Hi there,

    I see your ticket in the system, and since we may need to get personal information from you, I'm going to help the Happiness Engineer wrap up with you there, ok?


  16. ufohunterorguk

    Hello Zandyring, thanks for the reply it really is very much appreciated.

  17. No problem - we'll get this sorted one way or another!

  18. ufohunterorguk

    Cool , where do I send the chocolates? lol

  19. Our mailing address is:

    Automattic, Inc.
    60 29th Street #343
    San Francisco, CA 94110-4929
    United States of America


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