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cannot convert categories to tags

  1. So I originally imported posts from blogger and converted all the categories to tags, but recently had to delete everything and re-import. The problem is, now when I go to convert all the categories to tags again, it says I have no categories to convert. None of my posts have tags, so I have no tags either, but my suspicion is that there are still tags left over somehow from the first conversion, in the db or something. I have a tag cloud widget on the sidebar which doesn't even display now, because none of my posts have tags. So i need to convert all my categories to tags, but I can't.

  2. any ideas? anyone?

  3. I still can't figure out what to do, and this is all I have left to do before I can launch my site which I've been anxious to do for a while. Is there anyone who has anything I could try? Or does something need clarification? I emailed support and they said:

    "A category can only be converted to a tag if the same term has not already been used as a tag on your blog. It seems as if you have already used all of your existing category names as tags on new posts, thus the reason they cannot be converted."

    However, I don't actually have any tags, because the posts that had those tags no longer exist. I emailed them back and didn't receive a response. I don't mean to sound crazed or anything, I just have nothing left to do so continuing to search for a solution or help is all I have to do. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please let me know.


  4. You need to talk to support

  5. he already did?

  6. Yeah. I did.

  7. You could manually re-tag/re-categorize those posts. How many are we talking about?

  8. There are about 200 posts, not including drafts. So it would take forever because with each post i'd have to copy the names of the categories into the tags section, uncheck all the categories, and put it in new categories. My guess is that it would take like almost two hours. And it would be extremely tedious and aggravating. So I'm trying to hold out for some other solution. If this is what I end up having to do though, I can just bite the bullet.

  9. Is it weird that support hasn't responded? Is that the norm?

  10. most of the time, and most of the time support gives answers in a few syllables.

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