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    I try to create a blog premium but I keep getting directed to the same page all the time (takes me to step one fill in the form)
    I have been trying all day, is there anything wrong at the moment?
    Thank you



    You must be logged in under the exact same username account that registered the blog and who is Admin of the blog to purchase upgrades for the blog.



    What is the URL of the blog you are talking about? You can’t buy upgrades until you have a blog to attach them to.


    So I cant go premium direct? It says the name is available…



    You can’t buy upgrades if you don’t have a blog. You have to register a blog before you can buy a custom domain name for it, because you have to buy the upgrade from the dashboard of that particular blog.



    While logged in here at click this link and register a blog It does not matter which URL you register as you will be domain mapping from it to the domain you are going to purchase.


    Thanks guys, but I dont understand. It says the blog name I want to create is available but I cannot register it. I have a totally different right now but I still cannot buy the .com address.



    Are you on the dashboard of your blog when you try to register it? What is the domain you are trying to buy? When it freezes during the registration process, it generally means that someone has already bought it.


    I tried to buy yesterday after having the account. The purchase failed because of paypal was down at the moment. Know when trying again it says that is already registred (not by me?) but is still avilable. Its such a odd name so I doubt anyone registred it. Still it says is available. Although I cannot go through and buy it…..


    Member is deleted. You need a blog at from whose dashboard to buy the upgrade, so you need a blog, any URL at all, and from the dashboard of that blog you buy the custom domain you want. You might want to make it similar to the one you want, like



    When registering a domain you can use any blog URL underneath.

    Although I cannot go through and buy it…..

    Do you encounter any error messages? please describe the process in detail.

    Thank you.

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